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A digital image of each individual plate

New measuring system for final quality control at voestalpine Grobblech GmbH

nokra has successfully commissioned an optical measuring system for final quality control of roll-bonded plates at voestalpine Grobblech GmbH, Linz, Austria. The new system measures the outside plate geometry, flatness and surface condition. It is the first in the world to perform high-precision plate thickness measurements over the entire surface area.
> read here                                                                                                                             think.steel 03 | 2023

Quality management for electrical strip

Inline measurement of edge waviness at thyssenkrupp Steel Bochum

At its Bochum plant for NO grades, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe uses a laser sensor system from nokra to measure the edge waviness of non-grain oriented strip. This optical inline measuring process has replaced the previous practice of manual offline edge-wave measurements. The new system can even handle moving strips, thus enabling the measurement of edge waviness along the entire coil length.
> read here                                                                                                       Iron & Steel Today (2023), Nov/Dec 2023, pg 12-13

Quality management at Ilsenburger

New high-precision flatness measuring system at heavy plate manufacturer Ilsenburger

At Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH, a system from nokra measures and documents the flatness of fine-levelled plates. The nokra system ensures that all plates shipped fulfill the special tolerances on flatness specified in EN 10029. To achieve the high measuring accuracy required for this challenging task, the almost 30-m-long facility uses laser light-section sensors of the most advanced design and performs the flatness measurements on the static plate.   
> read here                                                                                                              Steel + Technology 1 (2022), page 45-49

More accurate than thyssenkrupp Steel standards

New high-precision gauge for ultra-exact flatness measurement of heavy plate

nokra has recently commissioned a high-precision flatness gauge at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG’s heavyplate mill in Duisburg-Hüttenheim, Germany. In comprehensive tests and investigations, it has been demonstrated that the gauge measures with a much higher precision than that specified in the applicable standards and rules. This makes thyssenkrupp Steel the first producer of heavy plate able to measure that it can produce premium plate of exceptionally good flatness.
> read here                                                                                                            Steel + Technology 2 (2020), No. 5/6, page 66-68

Salzgitter heavy-plate mill measures optically

New system for contour and flatness measurement of heavy plate

A new optical measuring system from nokra has been installed in the heavy-plate mill of Salzgitter Mannesmann Grobblech GmbH. This system measures not only the contour, but also the flatness of the plate with highest precision, delivering data that assures optimum cutting of individual plates from the mother plates with minimum waste. It is the first system in the world to be arranged above a cooling bed, not above a roller table.
> read here                                                                                                              Steel + Technology 2 (2020), No.4, page 53-57

Automatic control of a continuous pickling line

Gauge for crossbow measurement optimizes leveling

In continuous pickling line No. 2 of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, laser gauges measure the crossbow of the strip at both the entry and exit of the pickling section. The measured data is used to optimize the performance of the upstream stretch-leveler.
> read here                                                                                                              Steel + Technology (2019), No. 2, page 90-92

Topographic measurements at Hulamin

Optimized rolling process thanks to precise slab measurement

At its Pietermaritzburg facility in South Africa, Hulamin Rolled Products Ltd produces a wide range of aluminium sheet, plate and foil and is thus the best-known semis manufacturer in Africa. In 2015 the company invested in the slab measurement system described in this article and for it, awarded the contract to nokra in Germany.
> read here                                                                                                              Aluminium, 12/2016, page 25-29