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alpha.2d – show profile

The alpha.2d sensors use the triangulation principle for two-dimensional recording of profiles on different object surfaces.

Technical properties of the alpha.2d sensors:

  • measuring parameter: profile
  • moving measured object
  • synchronizable

In contrast to point laser sensors the alpha.2d sensors measure the profile of a measured object. This involves a laser line being projected onto the surface of the object through fixed line optics. Since all points of the profile can be recorded at the same point in time, the profile of moving measured objects can be accurately and securely recorded.

Several alpha.2d sensors can be combined, in order to determine complete cross-section profiles or to cover large measured areas with up to several meters width.

Typical alpha.2d inspection tasks are:

  • profile measurement of rails and shaped narrow steel strips
  • flatness measurement of cold and hot sheet metal
  • slab measurement