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Thickness measurements for up to 2 m wide strips

alpha.ti 5.0

nokra’s laser-optical thickness measuring system is unique in that it can measure the thickness of up to 2,000-mm-wide cold-rolled strip without having to interrupt production for frequent reference runs. It is able to perform high-precision thickness measurements on wide strip even under operating conditions that entail high temperature variations. The system actively compensates any deformation of the frame equipment, since it measures the current distances of the sensors continuously with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 µm and automatically adjusts the thickness data based on these distance measurements. 

Based on the active deformation compensation nokra can offer optical thickness measuring systems with C-frames of up to 2 m length. The systems are suitable for the measurement of the complete transverse thickness profile of both narrow and wide strip.

Reference runs will only be necessary on very few occasions, as e.g. during commissioning of the system or for scheduled maintenance. This provides great benefits, particularly for operators of continuous strip processing lines, as there will be no gaps in the measurement along the length of the strips.

Advantages of laser-based thickness measurement

The thickness of the strips is automatically measured inline with an accuracy of ± 1.5 micrometers.

Independence of material and surface topography, rapid measuring, minimal operating costs and safe handling are just the most important advantages of laser-based thickness measurement over tactile and other non-contact methods. Thickness calibration using reference samples and the resulting dependencies on alloy management and the accuracy of the reference body are now a thing of the past. nokra’s alpha.ti 5.0 laser thickness measuring system is wear-free and does not require any elaborate – and therefore costly – maintenance. This rapid, non-contact measuring method enables pinpoint measurement even on difficult surfaces and unusual or new topographies.

Laboratory standard

The simplicity and compact footprint of alpha.ti 5.0 means it can be used in new areas. Thus, cost-effective (plug & play) offline deployment in a measuring laboratory is possible with the same system used to measure thickness on the production line. Its optional sample scan mode delivers either a single measurement or a composite area thickness profile of an entire sample section, simply and easily – enabling you to efficiently optimize your processes through case-by-case evaluation or sampling, without online measuring.