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alpha.1d – pinpoint precision and speed

The measuring principle of the alpha.1d sensor ensures rapid and precise information on distance.

Properties of alpha.1d sensors:

  • measuring parameter: distance
  • high precision and measuring speed
  • moving measured objects
  • varying measuring surfaces
  • hot measured objects
  • synchronizable

alpha.1d sensors measure the distance to the object to be inspected. Like a measuring probe they provide one-dimensional distance information. The contactless measurement enables numerous possibilities for use. The special capability: the measurement is made with highest precision and speed. The thickness of a measured object can be measured by synchronized alpha.1d sensors. Compliance with shape and position tolerances is tested by combining alpha.1d sensors with positioning systems.

alpha.1d sensors are available with different working distances and measuring areas. For measuring hot objects the sensor is fitted with a cooling system.

Typical alpha.1d inspection tasks are:

  • thickness measurement of cold rolled sheet metal
  • thickness measurement of foam material
  • shape measurement of hot windshields
  • geometric inspection of cam shafts
  • geometric inspection of large tubes