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100% inspection of the geometry

Today energy-efficient engines require weight-optimized components. At the same time there has been a great increase in the range of variants. Camshafts for modern engines are assembled from different rough parts, such as tubes, cams, endpieces and gear wheels, whereas before they used to be cast or cast in one piece. The final geometry of the assembled rough shaft is subsequently achieved by turning and grinding.

A 100% inspection of the geometry is necessary after each processing step. Since many different types of camshafts are manufactured flexibly in small batch sizes in an assembly plant, an inspection technology is required which can inspect the whole spectrum of shafts in the production cycle without retrofitting the whole measuring system.

Thanks to the contactless and rapid measurement, the laser measuring technology offers decisive advantages compared to conventional mechanical systems. For the measuring process the camshaft is clamped between two spikes and rotated. On a slide several laser sensors are arranged, which record the properties of the camshaft through a contactless process. The measuring system is automatically loaded and unloaded by a robot, while the nokra-typical black granite block serves as a solid machine bed.

nokra shape testing of shafts means:

  • highest flexibility through intelligent design and high-performance software algorithms
  • no retrofitting in the event of a change of products
  • integration in the series production
  • higher measuring speed
  • established amongst the European market leaders

The process is also suitable for crankshafts, gearshafts and other rotary symmetrical parts.