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Full 3D laser measurement of forged parts

alpha.hot3D / Laser measuring cell

3D feature evaluation in solid forming

Quick and easy in-line process

  • Operation at production line
  • Benchtop unit for measurement of specimen up to 1200 °C
  • Easy operation and status display with one button
  • Complete 3D scan with precise laser sensors
  • Measurement and evaluation in a few seconds
  • Individual prediction of cold dimensions for each feature
  • Accuracy of predicted cold dimensions from ±25 μm
  • Customizable inspection plans, expandable feature library
  • Flexible interface configuration for result data (CAQ systems, qs-STAT, ...)
  • Automatic measuring equipment monitoring according to MSA method 1

Video: Measuring cell in operation at forging press

Measurement of hot forged specimen

up to 1200 °C

Digital twin, 3D data via laser scan

Digital transformation on the line

  • Digital twins as permanent reference samples
  • Documentation of the production process
  • Early intervention in the process
  • Objective criteria for forging tool evaluation
  • Optimization of forging tool life
  • Process optimization: Time, material and energy savings

Graphic display of edge filling levels and contour fits

Display of feature evaluation results

Operating principle of laser measurement

The 3D geometry of the specimen is assessed by nokra laser light section sensors while being rotated by 360°.

Technical features

  • Quickly exchangeable specimen adapter
  • Easy referencing with included reference body
  • Laser class 1 system
  • TWIN sensors optionally available to avoid shading effects in case of non-rotationally symmetrical components (for system size L)
  • Integrated database for storage of results (4 TB)
  • Dimensions of the measuring cell (W x H x D)
    Benchtop system S and M: 520 x 900 x 580 mm, 92 kg
    Benchtop system L: 670 x 1000 x 680, 115 kg

Standard measuring volumes