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Flatness and contour measurement of sheets

alpha.fi compact / Laser measurement system

Laser based measurement of flat geometries

Suitable for sheets and coils

  • Scalable portal solution: length up to 6000 mm, width up to 3200 mm, thickness starting from 0.5 mm
  • Fast measurement process 0.5 m/s, e.g. 4 m sheet metal in 8 s
  • Accuracy starting from ± 0.15 mm
  • All shapes including any cutouts
  • Suitable for production with high quality requirements and an interest in effective processes
  • Quality proven (DIN/EN, ASTM), 100 % checked and documented
  • Unmanned production due to fully automated inline measurement system
  • Laser class 2, no special safety precautions required

Combination of continuous and scanning operation

Continuous measurement data acquisition with high sampling rate and resolution

Two measurement methods

  • Measurement mode 1
    Portal moves and scans the static strip
  • Measurement mode 2
    Stationary portal measures the moving strip

High-density measurement data

2D or 3D visualization

A 2D or 3D graphic shows the contactless measured flatness and contour of each sheet manufactured in the production line. After the passage it is directly shown on the control panel. Through feedback of the measurement results into the process management additional cost-intensive errors in the production are avoided.

Standard configuration of laser measurement system

  • compact portal system, measuring device capable
  • automatic monitoring according to MSA method 1
  • E-cabinet (2100 x 1200 x 800 mm h x w x d) including control and evaluation IPC
  • operator-PC (desktop version including mouse, monitor, keyboard)
  • 15 m cable set (max. 80 m)
  • signal inputs for safety-door and E-stop
  • standard interfaces Profibus/Profinet, TCP/IP, UDP
  • remote access via internet
  • graphical display of results as 2D heatmap and 3D view
  • graphical display of the measurement characteristics flatness, length, width
  • data storage and management, storage capacity 4 TB
  • history view of stored measurement results
  • display and storage of warning and fault messages

Technical data

Measurement width 800 mm to 3200 mm in steps of 400 mm
Measurement length scalable up to 6000 mm
Scan speed max. 1 m/s
Material width 50 mm to measurement width
Material length 100 mm to measurement length
Material thickness 0.5 mm to 250 mm (others on request)
Material shape flat objects of any shape and any cutouts/holes
Material type all non-transparent materials
Material surface no restrictions, smooth or textured, reflective or matt
Material temperature max. 80 °C
Measurement resolution height 5 μm
Measurement resolution width 10 μm
Measurement resolution length 5 μm
Measurement accuracy flatness +/- 0.025 mm (without flatness influence of the base)
Measurement accuracy width +/- 0.15 mm
Measurement accuracy length +/- 0.10 mm
Flatness evaluation acc. to DIN EN ISO 12781; strip edge waviness acc. to DIN EN 10251; various other ruler evaluations
Measurement principle laser triangulation (laser light-section sensors)
Laser class 2 (no laser safety officer)
Laser wave length 660 nm (red)
Laser life time (MTBF) 80,000 h @ 20 °C