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Efficient process management — inline and contactless

The achieved progress and the high speed of developments ensure that laser measuring technology is already revolutionizing inline inspection of geometric sizes today. Flatness, straightness, profile, thickness and width are typical inspection parameters, which are optically measured and hence contactlessly measured directly in the production flow - that is the key competence of nokra.

NEW: Find our latest product flyer for automotive glazing geometry and thickness measurement.

Our measuring systems inspect seamlessly and automatically in the production cycle. Contactless thickness gauges for strips and plates, or fully automatic flatness inspection systems can be used for the process controlling of quality steel or in the aluminium production. Camshaft inspection machines used in the automotive industry and contour measuring systems for the windshields of automobiles provide an insight into our product range. The results are objective and traceable inspection data, which are provided without any influence of the operator. The automatic feedback of the measured values in the production process increases productivity and efficiency.



Great success: The nokra flatness measuring system in cooperation with SMS for the final customer Ilsenburger Grobblech GmbH

Further information on the final customer Ilsenburger Grobblech, a Salzgitter Group company and their "New Heat Treatment Line 2020" project can be...

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High-precision gauge for ultra-exact flatness measurement of heavy plate

In comprehensive tests and investigations, it has been demonstrated that the gauge measures with a much higher precision than that specificated in the...

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Optical contour and flatness measurement with the new nokra sytsem

An insight into the application in the heavy plate mill at Salzgitter Mannesmann Grobblech GmbH in Mulheim an der Ruhr.

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Optical measuring technology for strip and plate

Laser-optical crossbow measurement optimizes stretch-leveler performance

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