Solid forming: Cold dimension prediction and tool evaluation at the production line

Formed parts at temperatures of up to 1200 °C are measured and checked against cold dimensions within a few seconds.

At the UKH2024 we show that the accuracy of the cold dimension prediction is specified from ± 25 μm. The test results of the respective formed part are displayed in a way, that the target and actual values, as well as the tolerance limits can be seen at a glance. The wear of the tool can be recognized based on the trends of specific evaluation features, so that the tool wear is continuously monitored.

The specimen scanned during the laser measurement is visualized in 3D on the screen, providing the user a virtual forging master’s view of the formed parts. The digital specimen twins are available as permanent reference samples and can be used to optimize the forging process, for example to improve tool life or for testing inspection plans.

More about the hot measuring cell at the forging press you can > read here.