Laser measuring cell for forged parts presented at IMU-Hatebur user meeting

The agenda included topics for optimizing process and energy efficiency. We presented the possible applications and advantages of the laser measuring cell, which enables quality control during the ongoing process.

The IMU-Hatebur user meeting fostered technical exchange and further training in relation to new technologies. It took place at the company Winning BLW Group.
Michael Fritzenwanker opened the event, at which the Hatebur user group meets twice a year to discuss specific issues and technical solutions in the operation of high-speed horizontal presses.
First, an overview of the market situation in the forging industry was given, which was followed by the presentations:

  • Günter Lauven from nokra GmbH presented a laser measuring cell for forged parts that enables quality control during the running process.
  • Dr. Stefan Keck from DeVeTec GmbH presented a highly efficient solution for heat recovery in comparison to alternative approaches.

This gave the Hatebur users the opportunity to find out more about efficiency measures.

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