Laser measuring systems for flatness and contour measurements kept on course

For perfectly performing measuring systems, compact and flexibly usable positioning modules are installed, among other things. Here, precise linear axes with toothed belt drives from HIWIN are used.

The systems for laser measurement of the flatness and contour of strips and sheets in the metal and automotive supply industry measure precisely, contact-free, quickly. HIWIN HD double axes with toothed belt drive are used to position the measuring systems. With repeat accuracies of ± 0.05 mm, they ensure the exact positioning accuracy of the measuring systems.

HIWIN's precise linear axes with toothed belt drive are used to position the measuring systems. However, before the compact and flexible positioning modules from the drive technology specialist were installed, a combination of a ball screw drive and profile rail guides was in use. The linear axis with toothed belt drive now also enables longer travels. The stroke can be freely selected in millimetre steps. This is ideal for the infinitely scalable measuring length of the compact with up to 6,000 mm.
Connected to a synchronous shaft, the HM-B axes become a double axis in no time at all. This makes the double axis particularly suitable for gantry applications, such as the laser-based measuring system compact. ...
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