HMP/FELSS roll for gold strips equipped with laser thickness measuring systems

The thickness of rolled gold and gold alloys is measured at the rolling mill using laser technology.

One laser strip thickness measuring system each is located in front of and behind the HMP/FELSS SRM 800 rolling mill.

«A success story continues.
Last year one more SRM 800 left our workshop. The machine is dedicated to roll gold and gold alloys.»

"Main machine characteristics
-       Decoiler box with straightening unit for casted coils
-       Two Coilers for reversing operations
-       Laser thickness measuring  
-       2Hi/4Hi combination mill

Technical Data
Max. Bandbreite: bis zu 120 mm
                            Dicke bis zu 12 mm
Maschinengeschwindigkeit: bis zu 30 m/min
Walzkraft: bis zu 800 kN
Walzensatz 2Hi: Ø250x200
Walzensatz 4Hi: Ø80/200x200
Dickengenauigkeit: +/- 2 my
Spulengröße/Gewicht: Ø900 - 500 kg"

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