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Measurement of rails with alpha.line

alpha.line - laser measuring machine for rails

Rail profiles are usually measured with templates to check whether they satisfy the client’s requirements. The geometric inspection parameters are stipulated in German, European and international standards. The permitted deviations of the profiles are around 1/10 mm.

The usual measurement using templates is complicated and can only be carried out on selected sections of the rails. The aim is automatic recording of profile data for the final acceptance along the whole length of the rails – and this while the rail is undergoing a rolling process.

This measured data can be used not only for the improvement of the manufacturing process but also for documentation purposes. In the case of the automatic online measurement during the transportation of the rail in the rolling process there is no need for extra time and costs to be invested in a separate data recording process, which would otherwise be necessary.

In addition to inspecting rail profiles, alpha.line systems can also be used for other measuring tasks, for example for straightness measurement  of pipes and billets and measuring the straightness of the end of the rail.