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Increasingly stringent precision requirements in the age of HUD/AR combined with growing projection areas, as well as continually growing added value in production processes through new interaction concepts and functions, such as integrated displays, various coating systems, transparency on demand and plenty more, are demanding ever more powerful measuring tools for monitoring and controlling process and product quality. Manufacturing yield and product quality more than ever depend on prompt feedback in the production chain.

For over 15 years nokra has been successfully supplying laser-based inline geometry measuring systems to production lines of major windscreen manufacturers. And as always, nokra keeps up with the dynamic development in the automotive industry. With the new product series, nokra offers unprecedented possibilities for measuring automotive glazing: scanning of areas enables direct ROC control, and an unlimited number of measuring points can be monitored. The newly developed high-sensitivity sensors allow differentiation between individual glass surfaces, which means that it is now possible to measure individual panes. In doublet manufacturing, direct gap evaluation is achieved, and in singlet press bending, virtual gap evaluation can be realised.

Flexible with

Singlets – doublets – laminates: fits all parts of the manufacturing process and can be used in all common manufacturing process types, starting immediately behind the bending furnace right through to final control. Thanks to the expanded functionality, the application area is no longer limited to windscreens, but also includes back lites and side lites.
The software offers dynamic recipe management for any number of different types of windscreen. In every recipe, an unlimited number of measuring points and ROC areas with their respective tolerances can be stipulated. The measuring data in the productive operation is automatically evaluated in real time. Communication with L1 and L2 systems is achieved through Profibus/Profinet and TCP/IP and is naturally industry 4.0-capable.

Technical Data

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