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Full 3D laser measurement of forged parts



3D feature evaluation in solid forming

  • Benchtop unit for measurement of components up to 1200°C
  • Full 3D capture with high precision laser sensors
  • Measurement including evaluation in <15 sec
  • Individual prediction of cold dimensions for each feature
  • Customizable measurement recipes, expandable feature library
  • Automatic measuring equipment monitoring according to MSA method 1
  • Easy operation and status display with one button
  • Flexible interface configuration for result data (CAQ systems, qs-STAT, ...)


Measurement of forging specimen

cold or up to 1200°C hot

Measuring cold, warm or hot forged parts
  • Measurement on the hot part allows for early intervention
  • Optimization of tool life
  • Material and energy saving
  • Reduction of variety of measuring devices, one system for all characteristics

Operating principle

The specimen is measured by two nokra laser light section sensors. By rotating the measuring plate, the sensors record an entire 3D geometry of the test part.

Other measuring volumes on request


Technical features

  • Measurement uncertainty ±0.025 mm
  • Quickly exchangeable measuring plate with adjustable supporting tips
  • Laser class2, no additional laser safety precautions required
  • Designed for operation in production environment
  • Clearly organized display of characteristics
  • Configurable display of trends
  • Integrated database for storage of results (4 TB)
  • Dimensions of the measuring cell: 516 x 892 x 572 mm (W x H x D), 92 kg


Display of characteristics

with comparison of target/actual values and graphical view of results