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Mills & more and nokra have signed a cooperation

Mills & more, a joint venture of three well known German companies for mechanical, electrical and technological equipment for rolling mills in the steel and NF industry, and nokra, the Ger-man specialist machine manufacturer for high-precision laser measurement technology, con-clude a close cooperation for the future.

nokra successfully delivers contactless profile, flatness and thickness measuring systems to the steel industry „To meet the increased requirements of the rolling mills for thinner coil thickness with increasing accuracy, the companies Mills & more und nokra will together push the technological development concerning the capability of laser optical measuring systems“, Michael Trunkhardt, nokra’s managing director, explains on the occasion of VDEh’s STAHL 2015 in Düsseldorf.

„Thickness tolerances of ± 0,5 % on the coil thickness and measuring accuracies of ± 1 μm quasi are the industrial standard today that the manufacturers of thickness measuring systems have to face up,“ Hans-Joachim Biedermann, sales and project manager at Mills & more, remarks.

The laser optical thickness measurement technology is able to control or adjust the thickness by various control modes as tendency control, servo control or mass flow control. The quality of these control modes depends on the dynamics and accuracy of the thickness measurement technology – exactly the field in which nokra’s thickness measurement systems have successfully proved their capability at home and abroad since 2008.

„We recognize“, Hans-Joachim Biedermann concludes, „that it finds the approval of our customers to invest in this area in the coming years, and due to the cooperation with nokra we expect to further enlarge our expertise concerning the integral and technological controls.“


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Mills & more is a joint venture of three highly qualified and in the international rolling mill industry well known German companies. Long term experience and proven skills in planning and executing of new mill constructions, seamless revamping and automation of rolling mills for all metals make Mills & more to be the ideal partner for providing tailor-made solutions to increase the performance and quali-ty of flat strip production lines.

nokra Optische Prüftechnik und Automation GmbH was founded in 1991 as a spin-off from Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) and Fraunhofer Institute for Produc-tion Technology (IPT) in Aachen. As a medium-sized technology company we develop, produce and distribute laser based measurement devices for automatic inline inspection of geometric properties of products as thickness measurement systems for the steel and aluminum industry, flatness measuring systems for coils, heavy plates or slides, or profile measuring systems for pipes, rails and long products.

nokra has installed well over 200 inspection systems – more than 150 of them for thickness measurement in rolling mills and conveyer systems. More than 2,000 laser sensors are used in these devices. The group of customers reaches from Germany and Europe to industrial locations in America and

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